Revolutionizing Recycling and Branding in the Beverage Industry

Empowering Consumers for a Cleaner Environment through Pro-Environmental Actions

October 04, 20233 min read

Revolutionizing Recycling and Branding in the Beverage Industry

The emergence of label-less PET packaging is a promising solution for manufacturers looking to recycle flexible

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plastics. By removing labels from PET bottles, the recycling process becomes simpler, resulting in less plastic waste and no misidentification. This concept has already been embraced by Asian markets, with South Korea implementing legislation against external labels and Japan promoting 100% recycled plastic packaging. However, brands face challenges in meeting regulatory requirements and displaying key information without external labels. Potential solutions include laser coding on PET bottles and printing on bottle caps. To gain a competitive advantage in the evolving beverage industry, it is critical for brands to develop customized approaches based on branding and sustainability goals.

UAE Launches Recycling Incentive Program to Encourage Plastic & Aluminum Recycling

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has proactively promoted recycling by implementing a new program that encourages residents to recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The initiative involves the use of reverse vending machines where participants can deposit their used items. In return, they have the opportunity to earn rewards that can be redeemed at popular stores such as Carrefour. This initiative is in line with the UAE’s broader goal of eliminating single-use plastics and promoting a culture of sustainability. This innovative program, coupled with the installation of smart collection infrastructure, aims to collect and recycle over one million single-use plastic water bottles per day, contributing to the preservation of the environment and the overall reduction of plastic waste.

Real-Time Recycling Information for U.S. Consumers

In the United States, The Recycling Partnership has launched Recycle Check, a labeling platform that provides consumers with real-time recycling information. Working with brands such as General Mills and Horizon Organic, Recycle Check aims to increase recycling education and efficiency by providing local recycling options on product packaging. The platform complements existing labeling systems and covers all residential recyclables, making it valuable for packaging accepted in certain curbside programs.

Transforming Plastic Waste into Public Furniture

The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) in Goa is taking an innovative initiative to tackle the problem of

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plastic waste. Their plan is to set up a recycling center at the existing sorting center in Patto, where PET bottles, rigid plastic, and multi-layer plastic will be transformed into public furniture such as benches and park furniture. CCP has procured a shredder and extruder using CSR funds to facilitate the recycling process. This project is expected to be operational by December, helping to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainable practices in the city.

PhilanthroInvestors’ Solution

Recognizing the central role of consumers in the circular economy, PhilanthroInvestors aim to create value from waste, regardless of its material value. Our unique ZeLoop mobile app incentivizes users to take pro-environmental actions with the goal of eliminating pollution in nature. ZeLoop raises awareness about responsible waste management and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Experience the extraordinary transformation of your green solution. By synchronizing eco-responsible gestures through our app, these actions are tracked on the Smartblock Reward Engine, using the BSC blockchain. Users receive tokens in their in-app wallet, giving them the freedom to trade, explore marketplaces, and more.

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PhilanthroInvestors are currently working in four sectors – Housing, Water, Health and Environment – and will be adding more investment sectors in the future. PhilanthroInvestors founder Ivan Anz owns companies on three continents and has investors in 14 countries.

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